N1 – As unique as you are

Our mission is your health

The classic and also social media are full of healthy people, nutritional tips, sports exercises and all kinds of instructions for healthy living. We also understand more and are better informed about our health than ever before. It is supposed to be quite simple: A healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise, a bit of sport and enough sleep.

However, the reality is very different: Industrially processed foods with far too much sugar and salt consumed in a rush, portions that are too big, far too little exercise and fresh air, irregular sleep and not enough of it. This is no way to maintain a healthy body.

And even people who want to eat healthily have a big problem: The content of vitamins and trace elements in our food has been diminishing over the past few decades.

The trend to counteract these issues and deficiencies with dietary supplements has really taken off in recent years. However, there are also unfortunately two crucial problems with this:

  1. Very cheap food supplements, like very cheap foods, are often poorly processed. Our body finds them difficult to process and use and they often contain unnecessary and sometimes even harmful additives.
  2. High-quality products with extremely bioavailable ingredients, perfectly balanced formulas, as few additives as possible and sustainable, resource-saving production are often outrageously expensive.

With the N1 brand, we have created a range of products that solve these problems.

Health competence from the pharmacy – affordable for everyone

We are experts in our field and learned our trade in the pharmacy. We have a thorough understanding of the human body, metabolic processes, all types of nutrition and the various dietary supplement concepts, and we know precisely what is needed.

Thanks to our large network of experts, we have access to the latest technologies in microbiology and pharmaceutics, the best raw materials and the most modern production facilities.

The result is innovative, optimally dosed products tailored to people’s needs and at fair prices. From the pharmacy but available almost everywhere.

Fully committed to your health

The Founder: 

“My name is Christian Strauch. N1 is a brand of pharmedix GmbH, which I founded in 2012. I have been actively engaged in the pharmaceutical market and particularly with pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements since 2006. I have long since realised that modern-day unbalanced nutrition creates a biochemical imbalance in the body. This imbalance can lead to a lowering of vitality and concentration, and an increase in the occurrence of diseases.

For this reason we develop high-quality and innovative products with the sole aim of restoring balance to the body and mind so people can lead a healthy and happy life full of vitality.”

The team:

“We are a group of people who have set themselves the goal of creating the best and highest quality health products and at the same time keeping them affordable for everyone. Of course, we also have a personal interest in this, as we have all experienced how a nutritional deficiency affects the body. We are on a "path" that brings us a little closer to our vision every day.

Most of us have a pharmaceutical background. However, in order to be able to cover as many perspectives as possible, our team is made up of a wide variety of disciplines. From food technology to biochemistry, nutritional advice, creation and design to business administration."

Our promise to you

Best raw materials
We only use high quality and tested raw materials as well as branded raw materials. Our focus for all our ingredients is on the maximum usability for the human body.

No additives
We do without anything in our products that is not absolutely necessary. Pure extracts and active ingredients, as few excipients and additives as possible. Almost all of our products are therefore vegan and free of lactose, gluten and many other allergens.

Laboratory-tested quality
All N1 products are manufactured exclusively in first-rate, tested and certified production facilities. Both the raw materials and the finished products are checked and approved by independent laboratories.

Our environment is of the utmost importance to us. Thus we try to be as resource-saving and environmentally friendly as possible in the development and manufacture of all the N1 products.

Animal welfare
All N1 products are guaranteed to be developed without animal testing. We also expressly ensure that no animals or their habitats are harmed in the production of N1 products.


After all, health is a matter of trust.
N1 – Only the best for your health

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