N1 HEAT PATCHES FOR THE BACK - To relieve back pain

N1 heat patches for the back is a medical device for relieving muscle and joint pain in the (lower) back area. It supports blood circulation and thereby relieves pain. The heat patch has a very comfortable size & delivers consistent heat for up to 8 hours. The N1 heat patches are very well tolerated, as the heat in our patches is purely physical, caused by the reaction of the powder mixture contained with oxygen. This means that no skin-irritating substances such as capsaicin are included.

Recommendation for use

1. The patches only unfold its warming effect when it comes into contact with oxygen. Therefore, do not open the patch packaging until you really want to use the patch. Our tip: Leave the patch unwrapped for 5 minutes so that the ingredients can react with the oxygen and a quick warming effect can be achieved.

2. Then peel off the protective film on the back of the patch and carefully stick the sticky side to the (lower) back area for an optimal effect. You can also stick it on the inside of tight-fitting clothing that is in direct contact with the skin.

3. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the maximum temperature. The patch creates a pleasant warmth for 8 hours.

4. The heat emitted by the patches improves blood circulation and tissue oxygenation. This relaxes and relieves pain in the muscles and joints.


Iron powder, Polyacrylic acid, Vermiculite, Charcoal powder, Aqua, Sodium Chloride.


  • If used improperly, the heat patch can cause burns even at low temperatures;
  • Follow the instructions and check every 15 minutes that the temperature is still comfortable and there is no pain from irritation or heat;
  • Don't squeeze the patch by sitting or lying on it;
  • Do not use in combination with other heat-generating devices or tools;
  • Not suitable for people under the age of 18;
  • The substances contained in the patch can be harmful if they come into direct contact with the skin or eyes;
  • In case of direct contact with eyes or mouth, rinse immediately with water. In these cases, please contact your doctor.

The N1 quality promise

N1 – the brand from the pharmacy. Of course, our innovative health products are manufactured in strictly tested and certified production facilities. Our uncompromising quality standards for sustainable and environmentally friendly production go far beyond the standards prescribed in Germany.

We only use carefully selected ingredients and branded pharmacy-quality raw materials. We thus ensure that our products meet the highest demands.

N1 – Only the best out of responsibility for you and your health.