N1 TICK FREEZING PEN - The novelty against ticks: Easy and low-risk removal by freezing the ticks.

N1 TICK FREEZING PEN is a cryosurgical medical device that kills ticks quickly, safely and without contact. The N1 TICK FREEZING PEN encloses the tick with its dosing head, so that the tick is hit precisely by the freezing agent and killed immediately. The tick falls out of the skin on its own (including the head). If this is not the case, the included tick card can be used to help.

N1 TICK FREEZING PEN is the ideal companion as it fits in every pocket and is ready for use immediately and without preparation. The application is easy and safe.

N1 TICK FREEZING PEN is a highly effective and proven medical device from the pharmacy for adults and children from the age of 4. In most cases it is sufficient to freeze the tick once. In exceptional cases, it may be necessary to freeze the tick a second time after 10 minutes.

Recommendation for use

1. Position the opening of the N1 TICK FREEZING PEN about 1 cm above the tick. Do not touch the skin or the tick with the applicator! Hold the aerosol container as vertically as possible.

2. Press the button for releasing the cryo liquid about 1 cm above the tick 4 times. If the tick still moves, repeat the procedure after 10 minutes.

3. After freezing, the tick should simply fall off. If it does not, it is not a problem. Carefully remove the tick with the included tick removal card.

Note: You may experience a slight pain or tingling sensation during and immediately after the treatment. This will gradually subside.


Dimethylether (DME)


  • Container is under pressure.
  • Recommended for use on adults and children from 4 years of age.
  • For external use only.
  • In case of diabetes, consult a healthcare professional before use.
  • Please read the precautions for the aerosol dispenser and the instructions for use included.

The N1 quality promise

N1 – the brand from the pharmacy. Of course, our innovative health products are manufactured in strictly tested and certified production facilities. Our uncompromising quality standards for sustainable and environmentally friendly production go far beyond the standards prescribed in Germany.

We only use carefully selected ingredients and branded pharmacy-quality raw materials. We thus ensure that our products meet the highest demands.

N1 – Only the best out of responsibility for you and your health.