N1 WART TINCTURE - Painless treatment of common warts on hands and feet

With N1 WART TINCTURE you can remove warts painlessly and effectively. The tincture contains monochloroacetic acid, a substance that has a detaching effect on the skin. Dabbing the wart is not painful and is therefore also suitable for children from the age of 4 (if applied correctly by an adult). The wart comes off layer by layer. The liquid needs a week to soften the upper layer of the skin. So you don't see a result immediately after the application. After some time, the wart cells will be destroyed, the wart turns white and is shed. Effectiveness clinically confirmed: The N1 WART TINCTURE is a highly effective and proven medical product for adults and children from the age of 4. The 2 ml content is very economical due to the sparing application.

Application recommendation

To prevent the skin around the wart from being affected, protect the surrounding skin from the corrosive effect of the liquid with Vaseline or zinc ointment before starting the treatment. Now apply a small amount of N1 WART TINCURE  to the wart with the spatula (without dripping it onto the surrounding skin). Make sure that you only apply the N1 WART TINCTURE to the wart. Then let it dry briefly. The wart does not need to be covered. Within a week, the wart will dissolve layer by layer. The liquid needs a week to soften the upper layer of skin. So you don't see a result immediately after applying it. After some time, the wart cells are destroyed, the wart turns white and is shed. Do not apply N1 WART TINCTURE more than once a week. Depending on the size and thickness of the wart, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment with N1 WART TINCTURE after a week. Warts are contagious. Therefore, the use of the product by more than one person is not recommended.


Monochloroacetic acid, demineralised water.


  • Use with the utmost care.
  • The liquid is corrosive. Prevent burns!
  • Keep away from children.
  • Only suitable for warts on hands and feet.
  • Do not swallow.
  • Read instruction leaflet before use. Use only as directed.

The N1 quality promise

N1 – the brand from the pharmacy. Of course, our innovative health products are manufactured in strictly tested and certified production facilities. Our uncompromising quality standards for sustainable and environmentally friendly production go far beyond the standards prescribed in Germany.

We only use carefully selected ingredients and branded pharmacy-quality raw materials. We thus ensure that our products meet the highest demands.

N1 – Only the best out of responsibility for you and your health.

*Average compared to the active ingredient acyclovir (Dr. A. Pantkiopulos, Clinical Study to evaluate efficacy and safety of a product based on F.A.G.® for control and progression of symptoms present at the beginning of herpes infection on labial mucosa. Dermatology University of Athens, Greece)